• Himalayan Eco-Culture Treks & Research Expeditions

Terms & Conditions

In Himalayan ECO-cultures Treks, Research and Expedition, we try our best to ensure a 100% satisfactory travel experience for our guests. But even with our best intentions, as an adventure and expedition partner, many unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances might derail us from our objective and create difficult situations. So we have specific terms and conditions to ensure that our guests and we can adequately sort things out in case of conflict arises.

  1. Himalayan Eco-cultures treks, research, and expedition is a registered tour operator in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, and is referred to as “HERE,”
    All the tours, treks, climbing, expedition, and other holiday packages are referred to as “Trips” and
    The customer booking TRIPS with HERE is denoted as “CLIENT” in the below terms and conditions.
  2. 25% of the trip package cost must be paid to HERE by the CLIENT to confirm the booking as an advance. CLIENT can pay through credit card or wire transfer. The advance will be non-refundable in case of the trip cancellation by the CLIENT.
  3. The CLIENT will be subject to all the extra charges during the wire transfer and the 4% surcharge during credit card payment.
  4. The remaining payable amount can be made to HERE by CLIENT after arriving in Nepal. If the CLIENT fails to pay the remaining balance, HERE has the right to cancel the services to the CLIENT without refund.
  5. If the CLIENT wants to cancel the trips 45 days before, HERE will charge a 5% cancellation fee plus the applicable taxes and charges. Late cancellation after that will be subject to no refund for the CLIENT.
  6. If CLIENTs want to forfeit the trip for any reason after the trip begins, HERE will not be liable to pay any refund for unutilized services.
  7. In case of trip cancellations (before the trip begins) due to weather, strike, riots, natural calamities, political intervention, or other factors, HERE will fully refund the CLIENT.
  8. Changes in the trips must be informed by the CLIENT to HERE at least 30 days prior. Amendments in less than 30 days must be charged extra to CLIENTs. However, the guarantee of the amendment is not promised by HERE.
  9. The trip cost confirmed by HERE and CLIENTs will be applicable for the time interval of 1 year from the documented date. If, for some reason, clients change their dates further than that, new rates will be applicable as per HERE’s website.
  10. CLIENTs must bring Travel insurance, including trip cancellation, medical coverage, flight cancellation, baggage loss and theft coverage, and emergency helicopter rescue. In case of a medical emergency or trip cancellation due to an accident and other reasons, HERE will provide the necessary documents for the claim but are not obliged for the compensation.
  11. In case of flight cancellation in remote areas due to bad weather, HERE will provide alternative transportation, but CLIENTS will have to pay any additional charges.
  12. Trips with HERE come to associate with the risk of adventure trekking which CLIENTs must acknowledge. Accidents and illnesses may occur. Accessibility, accommodations, foods, hygiene, medical facilities, and other infrastructure may not be at the conventional holiday destination level.
  13. CLIENT is obliged to listen to their Tour leaders/guides to ensure the safety of the crew and themselves and the trip’s success.
  14. HERE and CLIENT must follow the laws and rules imposed by the government and local bodies and respect the norms and values of the local communities.
  15. Punishment by law authorities will follow the CLIENT’s participation in any illegal activity, and HERE will not be held responsible and answerable on the matter.
  16. HERE pledges that the above terms and policies will be governed by Nepalese law and be answerable in case of the terms and conditions violations.
  17. All CLIENTS who book trips with HERE are obliged to these terms and conditions.