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Sikkim is a state of India, the neighboring country of Nepal. Once it used to be part of Nepal but was later conquered by India due to which we can see the influence of both countries’ cultures in the region. Known for its beautiful tea gardens and ever-smiling locals, Sikkim’s natural beauty and cultural monuments entice everyone. 

Sikkim is also known for its hill station where yearly people visit for the serene atmosphere and the majestic Himalayas views. The green and yellow tea cover the area while the stunning mountains float above the milky cloud, making the region a slice of heaven. Some parts are also renowned for their engineering marvels while some are the most prominent religious sites. Sikkim has a little bit of everything to quench the thirst of every traveler.

We at HERE, organize many tours and treks that you can enjoy with your friends, family, and loved ones to this astounding wanderlust of nature. So come and join us in an adventure.