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Glacier Research

According to the Glacier Research around 198,000 icy bergs on the Earth, a quarter is found in the Himalayas. In such case, even this sub-zero breadth of ice and snow; the land of the world’s 10 topmost mountains is dazzled from environmental change.

Various Himalayan ice sheets are withdrawing and another examination of 32 ice sheets around Mount Everest has found that those closure in lakes has lost more ice mass than landlocked frigid masses.

That focus on various ice sheet lakes shapes behind shaky cargo and maroon dams that are ready to crumble and send unfortunate surges tearing down valleys.

Since global warming has brought quick contracting of a larger part of icy masses in Nepal. Glacier Research presents the condition of information on the icy elements in the nation from the past in Shorong, Khumbu, Langtang, Dhaulagiri and also Kanchenjunga districts of Nepal.

Our staffs are checking a significant number of the recreation center’s icy masses to decide the reasons for the change, evaluate their environmental and hydrological impacts, and foresee future changes and impacts.

Why we do Glacier Research?

Glaciers play an important place in the lives of numerous Nepalese. In addition to the conspicuous freshwater assets, they supply to nearby villages that have settled at the base of these ice masses. And that incorporates the really major populations of villages based just underneath the mountains. They additionally play an integral role in directing climate system.

We consider Glacier to discover how the environment was and what sort of creatures lived many years ago. Beyond this some of the reasons are

  • Geologic Procedures
  • Review of concentrates on expected changes in the hydrological administration because of environmental change
  • Global Warming and the Ice Ages
  • Satellite Imagery Aids Scientists’ Glacier Research
  • Display ongoing patterns in waterway stream
  • Effects of environmental change on different divisions, for example, agribusiness, biodiversity, human well-being, etc.

What sorts of things you may need for the Glacier Research

One requires some equipment to research on Glaciers and also for mounting the mountains. Here is the list of some essential equipment which must be carried while you are going for Glacier Research:

  • Thermal underwear, Light sweater, Hiking boots
  • Light, thin quick-drying, and waterproof breathable pants
  • Wind resistant and waterproof breathable jacket
  • Thin gloves, Mittens, thick ones, Hat, SocksGaiters
  • Sun protection, Sunglasses with sufficient UV-protection
  • Climbing Harness, Climbing Helmet
  • Carabiners, Ice Axe, Steel Crampons, Prusiks

These are the things for you to wear while climbing the mountain. Below are some of the equipment which you need for the research process.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) units (device to locate the location)
    Cameras to capture the pictures
  • Device with space-based techniques software to measure changes in ice elevation and velocities.
  • (Device) software to calculate the elevation change and glacier velocities

Want to know more about this then take part in Glacier Research with us. If you are capable enough for this research then obviously you will be performing some glacier research project with us and our technical experts.