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Essential kits for Glacier Research

Essential kits for Glacier Research

16th Dec, 2018

Glacier Research is not an easy stuff to do. It is easy to comment and say this will be better and if you do this, this can be better and fruitful.  Only the necessary effort and pain is known by the person who goes for Glacier Research. From the work Glacier Research, we know the person has to climb snow mountains with freezing cold.

And most of the place you won’t find any hotels or tea houses where you can get shelter and food. So it is better to prepare yourself before going for Glacier research. Here is some list of essential stuff you require during this research.

Essential kits during Glacier Research


You may require the map or the thing which shows the direction by which you will know which way you should go. Most of the time due to snow or bad weather we miss the way so these kits help us to find out the way. Not only this, this indicates where you go and where you have to dig for your research.


Sun protection

Going on the high mountains means going close to the sun than normal place. You must take sun protection creams for protection. If you don’t want to get sunburn then carry this with you.



Going to the cold place, you must carry some warm clothes and sometimes extra clothes too because you may not know how much time you have to spend there because of bad weather. So it is better to carry some extra warm clothes with you.



It is obvious that sunrises and sunsets, during daytime you get light from the sun but the problem is during night time because there you won’t find any electrical line cable to provide you light. So it is better to carry one. Mainly if you carry headlights then that is better.


First Aid Kit

The most important thing to carry is the first aid kit. Because you won’t be able to find hospitals in the mountain so it is better to carry some first aid kit with you.


Fire is the most thing which we need in a cold place so we need to carry some sort of equipment which produces fire. Like lighter which produce fire and if needed you can burn something.


Repair Kit

We cannot say the things won’t be broken so it is better to carry some tape so that we can stick the broken pieces or signal something for our team member if you lost or something. So it is better to carry the repair kit with you while going for glacier research.



Food is the most thing which you need to carry during this research because you may not find food everywhere. You are going towards the mountain and on the mountain, you can find snow and only snow so you need to have snow if you are hungry. It is better to carry food with you instead of eating snow. Carry that food which provides you energy for a long time and also nutritious kind of food.



Water is the most essential for us. You may cause lots of diseases, weakness and you may faint during your research. And on the top of the glacier, you may not get water and instead of water you have to eat snow. And if you carry the water bottle with you when you can ask for water and fill so that it is useful on the way.



Every place hotels and homestays won’t be available so you have to carry your sleeping bag with you. If you find hotels or homestays then it is a good news and you can get a comfortable place to spend your night. But if you don’t then you have to spend your night in the tent so it is better to carry the sleeping bag with you.


Apart from these kits you also need other kits which help you in your work and other necessary items. These are the most essential things which you must carry with you.