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Things to know About Manaslu Treks.

Things to know About Manaslu Treks.

7th Jan, 2019

Manaslu Trek, the eighth highest mountain peak in the world has been the most challenging and adventurous treks in Nepal. Lies in the remote area, the Manaslu trek provides the delightful views of lakes and glaciers with the beautiful natural scenario. You will experience the majesty beauty of Manaslu trek on its way. It has been weighed as the best trekking destination in the whole world. This trek is composed of remarkable ethnics and scenic range and the breathtaking perspective of mount Himalchuli and mount Ganesh. Manaslu conservation area is one of the major attraction of this trek. Being the traveler and a researcher, you must have sufficient information about the whole trek you are traveling. Here are some fruitful tips for this daring trek:

1. Always travel with partners.

Manaslu treks are prohibited for a single traveler. You must have one or more partners along with the professional guides. The way might full of toughness so you must have somebody there to take care of.

2. Trek having some first aids .

landslide manaslu

Traveling in high mountains you won’t be able to find hospitals, so you need to put some first aids to be safe from wounds and cuts. The way is prone to landslides and rockfalls, and you can also get altitude sickness due to heights so go with some aids with you.

3. Be aware of communication networks.

You won’t be finding the network towers there neither Ncell nor Ntc. People there use CDMA phones so its better for you to buy a phone in Kathmandu which works there. Trekker has been facing these sorts of problems quite a lot during the trek to Manaslu. So beware ahead of taking the trek start off.

4. Climate Change is uncertain.

cli manaslu

The weather changes suddenly there. It makes a big impact on our journey. Rain is common there and up in the base camps, there will be meters of snow masses. The temperature drops below 0°C during the months of December to February, so keep your eyes all around for safety.

5. Trek with some extra power of charges.

You might be traveling the whole day and can run out of power on your mobiles and other devices. So be sure of having some power banks and solar battery chargers. It might help you greatly on your tough journey. There is uncertain of electric facilities higher in the Himalayas and if available you might have to pay a lot for some charges. So ensure all things before you travel.

6. Transportation to Manaslu Trek.


You can travel directly from Kathmandu to Arughat with ease. But the actual trek fun and toughness starts from Arughat. The local jeep or bus may take you further depends on the condition of the road. Then you reach the Soti Khola which is about 13 km from Arughat. For Dharapani to Beshi Sahar, private jeep or local jeeps are available. Then from Beshi Sahar to Pokhara or Kathmandu, there are lots of alternatives in terms of transportation.

There are lots of more things to know about this trek. Things like how much you have to hike for a day, what sorts of Shoes and dresses to wear, what kinds of backpacks you have to bring and what sorts of food to take should be determined earlier. For all this detail, visit Himalayan Eco-culture.