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Nepal’s Timeless Tourist Attraction?

Nepal’s Timeless Tourist Attraction?

19th Nov, 2018

Nepal’s Timeless Tourist Attraction? Do you know what the main attraction of Nepal is? It’s the high mountains. Most of the part of Nepal is surrounded by mountains mainly snow-capped mountains. Since most of the part of Nepal is surrounded by mountains that does not mean the tourists visit Nepal for just mountain climbing. People visit Nepal to trek around the hills, and tour different temples, monasteries, and places that are blessed with nature.

Every Year national or international tourist visit Nepal according to their purpose. Some came to climb the mountain, hike, watch wildlife, and also relax. No matter which motto you visit Nepal, Nepal will fulfill all wishes of traveling around Nepal.

What kinds of tourists are welcome in Nepal

Most of the time mountain climbers visit Nepal to climb the mountain and most of all come for Everest Base Camp Trek; for those climbers, Nepal welcomes them with open hands. The tourists who came for Treks and Expeditions in Nepal are heartily welcome to Nepal. And also for those who came to take the tour of different places, temples, wildlife are welcome.

Climbers, Spiritual tourists, nature lovers, and wildlife lovers are also welcome here. You won’t be sad or regret to visit Nepal. Many National parks and Conservation areas will offer you a chance view many wild animals and also birds. Many temples and monasteries will be suitable for spiritual tourists and also some places where you can relax are for luxury trekkers.

If you want to know the culture, art, and tradition of the different varieties of people settled in Nepal, you can explore. In complementary, you can be involved in festivals and have delicious traditional food and beverages.

Full Day Sight Seeing (World Heritage Sites)

Does visiting Nepal require any kind of Permit?

Visiting around Nepal only requires a valid permit to Nepal for those countries that do not fall under SAARC. If you want to climb mountains then the permit will be based on the place where you go. To climb mountains in the Everest Region you need the Sagarmatha National Park Permit and, Everest Climbing Permit from Nepal and Tibet. Those mountains which lie on the border of China and Nepal require both Nepal and Tibet permits with the other two permits. And if the mountain only lies in Nepal then no need to have a Tibet permit.

Additional information

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