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Epic Eco-Tales with Himalayan Eco

Epic Eco-Tales with Himalayan Eco

23rd Nov, 2018

Epic Eco-Tales with Himalayan Eco, in an ancient period, there were small countries that later joined or became single. As we are well known about the past about small countries and it is obvious that every country has its unique culture and tradition. Likewise, there were small countries that later on joined(conquered by the king) and formed a single country Nepal. There were several small countries in Nepal with specific cultures.

You can find many unique cultures, languages, dresses, and food in different places. Even if they are of the same race you will find different cultures in them. Nepal is the best place to know or research about the Himalayan Eco-Cultures. You will find interesting facts and amazing facts in each place where you go. You will be amazed by the unique culture and the same thing done in different ways with a different meaning.

Nepal is a Himalayan country where you can find lots of Himalayan cultures; beyond Himalayan culture, you can also observe cultures in the Hilly region and Plain region. The Himalayan Eco-Cultures depend on the specific place because of the structure and climate of the respective place.

Epic Eco-Tales with Himalayan Eco:

Since Nepal has a diversity of land and according to the land structure the people settled there have a different culture. The diversity of land plays a vital role in the diversity of Eco-Cultures. Mainly there are three regions Himalayan region, the Terai region, and the Hilly region.  Some of the effects of the diversity of land on the cultures are:


People wear different kinds of dresses according to the region and temperature. But Daura-Suruwal (Men Dress) and Gunyou Cholo (Women’s Dress) are the Nation Dress of Nepal so wear in every region of Nepal. Beyond this, there are many other dresses in Nepal.

TeraiDhoti, Kamij, Kurta, Bhangua and Jhuluwa, GhamchhaGunyu, Cholo, Blouse
HillDaura, Suruwal, Patuka, Bhoto, Topi, Coat, PhetaGhalek (Gurung), Patasi (Newar), Pasmina, Dhoti Cholo, Majestro, Kurta and Salawar
MountainBakkhu, Docha, Shyamhu, LukaniBakkhu, Dochha, Pangen.

Festivals and Culture

Dashain and Tihar, Janai Purnima, Shree Krishna Janmashtami, Fagun Purnima, Maghe Sankranti, Mahashivaratri, and Holi are some common festivals celebrated by almost every Nepali people.

Except for these Newar communities celebrate several Jatra some are  Swanti, Sakima Punhi, Yoma, Ghayh, Swasthani, Yomari Punhi; Sila Chahre, Holi Punhi, Pahan Charhe, Bisket Jatra, Jana Baha Dyah Jatra, Bungdya Jatra, Bhoto Jatra; Swanya Punhi, Sithi Nakhah, Gathan Mugah, Gunla, Gunhu Punhi, such buyer, Pancha Dan, Yenya, Mohani, Mataya (Lalitpur).

Festivals celebrated by the Tharu community are Joorshital/Siruwa, Akharhi Pawain, Chauthichan, Jitiya, Dashami, Shukrati, Saamaa Chakewa, Neman, Maaghi/Tila Sankarait, Faguwa.

Festivals celebrated by the Sherpa community are Losar, Harvest Festival, and Mani Rimdu. And other festivals celebrated in Nepal which you will find when you visit Nepal.


Language is different according to the culture and diversity of people. More than 100 kinds of languages are spoken in Nepal. The different community has a different language and their mother tongue language. The Nepali language is the National Language of Nepal.

Thus, some famous languages spoken in Nepal except Nepali and Maithili are Bhojpuri, Abadhi, Newari, Gurung, Tamang, Tharu, Limbu, Magar, Hindu, Urdu, and many more.


Dal-Bhat-Sarkari is a set of food that is eaten all over Nepal. Dhedo-Gundruk is the National food of Nepal. We can’t describe which types of food are eaten in Nepal because there are many varieties of food eaten in Nepal. In normal times some kind of food is eaten and in festival time other kinds of food are eaten.

Food can be eaten according to the weather like in summer one type of food and in winter another type of food.  According to different ethnic groups people, a variety of beverages is also there which are used to drink.

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