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Perfect place for trekking

Perfect place for trekking

25th Dec, 2018

Perfect place for trekking: Before starting the trek let us think why we go trekking? For what we are doing trekking? People trek for many reasons some trek to visit a new place, some for nature, some for love for the mountain and some for charity. So it depends on you for what reason you are trekking for. Whatever the reason may be it is sure that trekking gives you a chance to view natural diversity with the diversity of culture.

Among them, Trekking in Nepal might be the topmost place where you may want to do trekking. There are many places where you can trek in Nepal so that yearly many tourists visit Nepal. No matter whom you are you can trek in Nepal and you are lucky if you trek in Nepal. Because while trekking in Nepal you will be blessed by amazing views and cultural diversity.

It is not compulsory that you have to visit the same place or a new place each and every time while trekking. It is not sure that everytime you get good views and blessed with good weather but one thing is sure while Trekking in Nepal is you will get a chance to involve in cultural acts or get a chance to enjoy each and every culture.

Where you can trek in Nepal?

What an opportunity that you do have lots of choices to trek, you do have lots of ways while trekking. It is so amazing that you can choose any path and move around. Apart from this, there are some famous trekking places where you can trek. Obviously, you can trek to the topmost place Everest, and Annapurna the famous trekking spots. But excepts from these we do have other places too where you can get an amazing experience.

Kanchenjunga Trek

The place where you can view or walk into the world third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga. While trekking you will follow the amazing path with different flowers and plants and the trail take you to the stunning mountain and the small villages below the mountain. And on the village, you can get the magical experience of Sherpa culture and other cultures. Traveling from one point to another point you will be amazed by the tradition of that place and obviously the amazing environment.

Kanchanjunga view


Manaslu Trek

Where you will go for trekking? It is obvious that you won’t visit plain places for trekking, you will go to high places. The high place can be mountain, hill or any kinds of topmost villages. Likewise, Manaslu Trek also leads you to the high place for trekking. And like other places, you will be blessed with the amazing pictures of the surrounding environment while trekking and the cultural diversity of that place. There are mixture culture villages due to which you will get to know something unique about the culture and tradition.

manaslu pic

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

It is amazing when you get one in one free. When we get something with others which we don’t except then our happiness won’t be in our place because we will be extremely happy. Likewise, Langtang Gosaikunda Trek offers you two beautiful places and experience.

One is Langtang region where you can get chance to involve with peoples, know their culture and also hike in some hills; second is Gosaikunda Trek, this trek leads you to the Gosaikunda the religious place where people visit for worship and also for the trek. This trek will be a jackpot for the trekkers because the trekker can get amazing gift of the Gosaikunda Trek.


You can choose the place while going for trekking but there you won’t be able to buy the necessary kits for hiking. Because sometimes the price will be so high that we cannot afford and sometimes no place to buy. Due to which prepare all necessary things before you go for hiking or trekking.

Some necessary kits while going for trekking in Nepal

  • Bags
  • Shell
  • Puffy jacket
  • Extra clothes
  • Non- cotton underwear
  • Comfortable boots
  • Sleeping bag
  • Water Bottles
  • Wash kits, towel, sanitizer, and first aid kit
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Umbrella, trekking poles
  • Cameras, books
  • The charger of your mobile or camera or any electronic device you carry with you
  • Repairing kits
  • Toilet roll
  • Passport and its copies and money
  • (If you re climbing mountains then)Equipment required for trekking in the mountain.

Travel and enjoy every moment when you are going for trekking in any place. Trekking in Nepal or other places goes anywhere just enjoy and learn something new and interesting in every trekking. Involve in possible each and every occasion or chance to involve in the traditional work. Just enjoy and learn something new from each and every journey.